Mission Statement

  Porta-Mole systems handle a wide variety of soil 
and rock conditions. Our equipment removes cuttings 
from the hole rather than compacting the soil. When using 
"compaction" type of equipment, it is necessary to go deep 
so as not to buckle the pavement above the bore. We 
incorporate the same successful boring principle that  has 
been used in the search for oil and gas. Porta-Mole's are 
light-weight and very portable (everything fits in the back of a 
pick-up truck). Our equipment is self contained meaning that 
it's power source is built right on it - (a  gasoline powered engine). 
Porta-Mole's are extremely accurate. This is accomplished by 
boring quickly - we utilize a law of physics to our advantage. 
Our equipment is very easy to maintain - it's no more difficult to 
work on than a lawn mower. From our system "packages" to all 
parts and accessories, you will find everything we make to be 
affordable and readily available.
   When making a decision to purchase boring equipment there are 
factors to consider. The following are things we believe you should 
consider when looking for boring equipment:  
1. Does the equipment bore in rock?  
2. Does it remove the cuttings from the hole or work by compaction? 
3. Is the equipment light-weight and portable? 
4. Does it require the purchase of an additional, external power source 
 such as an air compressor or hydraulic system to operate?  
5. Does the equipment bore quickly? 
6. Is the equipment easy to maintain? 
7. Is the price of the equipment justifiable even if you don't bore often?  

There are 4 major components and
choices to make when purchasing a
Porta-Mole Underground Boring System
1. Which type of power unit. 
2. Boring rods- heavy-duty or light-duty. 
3. How to aim and stabilize the boring rods. 
Choose between Surface Boring Guide for longer 
accurate bores or our Joystick for quick set-up on 
shorter bores. (see illustration on the right). 
4. Pilot Bits, Reamers, Pullers, Core Bits and 
additional accessories.
 Porta-Mole uses normal city water pressure to bore. 
If you do not have access to water, then you may want 
to consider purchasing our complete Trailer Package 
with water tank, pump and everything you need to bore 
in remote areas.

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